Frugal Innovation Questions


Frugal innovation is a new phenomenon which is posed to rethink the innovation process!

Several questions remain unanswered for both academics and practitioners:

  1. What is frugal about frugal innovation?
  2. Is frugal innovation, innovation?
  3. How is it different or similar to standard innovation?
  4. What are the sources of frugal innovation? Who benefits?
  5. How does it relate to services and products?
  6. What is the design process for frugal innovation?
  7. Does cheap mean that it is low quality?
  8. Who is best at carrying out frugal innovation, local firms or MNCs?

The questions I am currently delving into as part of my PhD doctoral work are:

  1. What constitutes (frugal) innovation in or for emerging markets?
  2. What capabilities and core competencies are  required to meet the needs of emerging market customers (i.e. frugally innovate)?

As my work progresses beyond the PhD, I aim to tackle supplementary questions such as:

  1. Are frugal innovation capabilities and core competencies unique to  certain contexts and firms?
  2. How do emerging market firms differ from foreign firms in the capabilities to overcome contextual constraints in emerging markets?
  3. Do these capabilities and core competencies serve as a competitive advantage for firms?
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